Sitting overseas it is never easy to find a manufacturer or a product seller due to lack of knowledge of the manufacturer’s way of working ,product’s quality, service etc  and remitting payments to buy the stock is full of fear and hesitation whether products will be delivered as it was asked for .Dont worry ,we help you as below-

LPIL introduces you with a number of manufacturers form our database with whom you wants to work depending upon their product range and your requirement.
LPIL suggest you the best manufacturers of that particular product which will be price effective, service oriented , professional attitude, having all credentials as per requirement like MHRA ,TGA ,PIC/S etc , having registration documents of that product ,capable of providing you the dossiers in required formats, capable of providing BE studies (if required) , capable of timely delivery of your products , capable of attending audits/inspections from your regulatory bodies etc.
LPIL gives you the market feedback, reputation feedback, status, financial capability feedback and infrastructure of the manufacturer.
If you want the manufacturer to do their own product marketing, we do that for you.
If you need urgent ready products, we do that for you.
We help you to negotiate and setup the business terms with them.